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Hi, I’m Jelena Lakic

Longevity Recomp

I am the founder of Longevity Recomp, a health-coaching practice dedicated to helping people sustain the kinds of body composition changes (recomp) that supports their long-term health, fitness, aesthetic, and aging goals (longevity). My Longevity Recomp Assessment (LRA) program, is one of the most comprehensive, personalised fat-loss plan service available anywhere.

A Demartini Method Facilitator

I am licensed as a trained Demartini Method facilitator – authorised to use the Demartini Method professionally, and continue to attend training curriculums at the Demartini Institute towards Senior and Master Certification

Co-Founder of 10X Fitness Coaching

I’m the co-founder of 10X Fitness Coaching, a health-coach certification program in which I help to train and certify hundreds of coaches in the 10X method each year in association with Lorenzo Delano and Mindvalley.

Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Collectively, through all my services – I’ve helped hundreds of individuals and coaches successfully apply the science of longevity-centric fat-loss in their own lives (and those of their clients) and helped them reach goals in other areas of life with the Demartini Method.

Work With Me


The most effective way to guarantee lasting, fat-loss success is to start with a personalised fat-loss plan designed based on an accurate analysis of your current body composition & behavioural (Longevity Recomp) status. Starting with anything less will waste your time, money, & opportunities to learn (why some things work for you & others don’t).


Sign up for the 10X Fitness Coaching Certification program. Each year Lorenzo Delano (founder of 10X) and I team up for 16 weeks to train and certify over a thousand individuals in the 10X method. If you want to transform your body (and those of your clients) while learning how to run a successful health coaching business then this is for you.


I am licensed as a trained Demartini Method facilitator – applying the Demartini Method – and taking inspiration from the Demartini Values Training Program affecting all seven areas of life – to help you tackle any challenge holding back your empowerment and growth.


Book me to speak at your next event. Regardless of the type or size of your event, my goal is for your audience to (have and) associate their transformative experience (delivered by me) with your brand (hosted by you) in a way that elevates all involved.